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Beyond Beauty

Let us help you optimize the connections your clients can make.
"It's not what you look at matters, it is what you see" - Henry Thoreau


There is so much more to your appearance than just age or beauty. Whether you're applying for a job, presenting to the board of directors, or looking to stand out in a crowded nightclub, we can help you make the desired impact.

It’s all about creating the best possible first impression, making your appearance work for you instead of against you.


The Aesthetic App based on Perceptive Intelligence

Which is specially designed to help you in achieving the most optimal appearance in your clients, so that they get the best out of their interactions with the world around them.

Are you interested in unlocking the immense potential of perceptive intelligence into your practice?


How our app works

The RealFaceValue app lets you connect to the social motivations of your clients. It supports you on the journey towards the most optimal results, for each and everyone of your clients.

Social incentives

Introducing new tools to reach for your optimal self.

Visual simulations

Bringing your treatment options alive by visualising potential outcomes for each of your clients.

Social Benefits

Showing the actual social gain of treatment options.

Key benefits

Using the RealFaceValue app in your patient journey will:

Introduce science into your aesthetic clinic.

Connect you to the social motivations of your clients.

Show what “less tired” or “less sad” actually looks like.

Make you treat your clients in a holistic way.

Optimally align the treatments you offer to the individual needs of your clients.

Finally give you a scientific method that prevents ending up with unnatural results.

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Frequently asked questions

  • First impressions, how are they formed?

    Within milliseconds our mind registers the people we encounter, for example whether someone comes across as warm or competent, or whether to approach or avoid a person. It is a subconscious and instantaneous proces, largely based on previous experiences.
  • Why are first impressions so important?

    Humans are basically social animals. Our brain is geared towards connection to the people around us. First impressions have significant implications as our brain is lazy and - in this process of connecting - assumes a first impression to be correct until proven wrong. This means that people will treat you accordingly, so how you come across has both social as well as economical impact.
  • How does the RealFaceValue algorithm work?

    The patented RealFaceValue algorithm is the first of its kind and has been constantly updated since 2017. It is based on extensive behavioural scientific research and able to register a number of specific personality traits irrespective over age, gender or ethnicity. By linking it to 25 years of previously achieved results and training it on over 4 Million faces, every effort has been made to reach the highest quality standards available today. It is state of the art and the golden standard of perceptive intelligence algorithms.
  • Is there always 100% agreement on the social outcome?

    No. Behavioural science is not the same as mathematical science. There is no such thing as 100% agreement on any social opinion. But even though the number of people agreeing on a certain first impression never reaches 100% per definition, it nevertheless is remarkably high, also in different societies. That means that is someone living in Brasil is considered to have a general sad appearance according to his surroundings, the vast majority of people living in China will agree with that observation.
  • What if I think I can not achieve the predicted result?

    The potential treatment results are based on tenths of thousands of carefully selected previously achieved results. On top of that you can adjust the strength the effect to reflect the in your eyes most safe or realistic visualisation in each specific case.
  • I am afraid my clients will expect too much?

    Master Oogway says in King Fu Panda: “Predictions are always difficult, especially when it involves the future”. In reality everybody understands that even the smartest AI driven imaging software can never fully predict real treatment outcomes. RealFaceValue urges you do not treat people who do not understand or accept this distinction between expectation and reality.