How to take Aesthetics Beyond Beauty


Our clients frequently seek our services for social reasons, such as feedback from others that they appear tired or sad, despite not feeling that way themselves.

The RealFaceValue app introduces new social and professional treatment goals. Besides deepening the current - mainly aesthetic - proposition, they have the potential to attract both males as well as other people previously not interested in facial treatments (mostly due to its feminine/vanity imago).

Needless to say that opening the door to this part of the population, which has also been described as the “normalisation of aesthetics”, has a huge potential for the market of facial treatments.

How our app works in your clinic:

The RealFaceValue app is designed to be integrated at different stages of the client journey.

Pre consultation

This stage offers comprehensive information to prospective clients, delivering insights at an unprecedented level.

At consultation

Our advanced visualization tool enables practitioners to showcase a preview of the expected results, highlighting both the physical enhancements and the social benefits.

Post consultation

The app facilitates automated follow-up reminders to ensure the sustained impact of the treatment.


Introducing the RealFaceValue app in your patient journey will lead to increased:

Client satisfaction

  • As you can optimally align the treatments you offer to the individual needs of your clients.
  • Because finally you’ll have a scientific method that prevents ending up with unnatural results.


  • Due to better informed clients.
  • By using visualisation of potential results.


  • By adding new reasons to treat to the armamentarium of your practitioners.
  • As a holistic approach is intrinsic to the treatment of social traits, which will stimulate practitioners to treat the face as a whole.
  • Retention

Customised packages are available for clinics with 5 practitioners or more, please contact us to find out more: