How to take Aesthetics
Beyond Beauty

Frequently, our clients seek our assistance for social reasons, such as concerns about appearing tired or sad, despite not feeling so.

The RealFaceValue app offers a nuanced approach to facial aesthetics, broadening the scope beyond traditional cosmetic enhancements. It integrates social and professional considerations into your array of treatment objectives, enabling a deeper connection with client needs. This tool demonstrates not only the visual impact of treatments but also their potential social and professional benefits, aligning with the evolving demands of our clientele.

RealFaceValue understands that complex information can be overwhelming. To address this, the RealFaceValue platform boasts an intuitive and interactive interface. Clients and practitioners can quickly and easily explore different treatment options together, compare personalized social benefit scores, and visualize potential outcomes. This user-friendly design transforms a potentially daunting process into an empowering and engaging experience.

We also offer practitioners support in upgrading their consultation with the RealFaceValue app. We help optimizing consultation flows, communication with clients and integrating science based technology for a holistic outcome. 


Introducing the RealFaceValue app in
your patient journey will lead to increased:

Client satisfaction

  • As you can optimally align the treatments you offer to the individual needs of your clients.
  • Because finally you’ll have a scientific method that prevents ending up with unnatural results.


  • Due to better informed clients.
  • By using visualisation of potential results.


  • By adding new reasons to treat to the armamentarium of your practitioners.
  • As a holistic approach is intrinsic to the treatment of social traits, which will stimulate practitioners to treat the face as a whole.
  • Retention

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