Human behavior

“A face is like the outside of a house, and most faces, like most houses, give us an idea of what we can expect to find inside.”

Loretta Young

pi_social animals

We are social animals.

We brush our teeth, go to the hairdresser and wear a color we think suits us well. We try to make an impression.

“You look great!”
“You look tired..”

It is not uncommon to hear this from people that care about you, but what we tend to forget is that everybody you encounter registers these very same observations at a subconscious level. And subsequently acts on it.

When you look unfriendly, people will react accordingly. When you look competent and successful, they expect you to be and treat you differently from the start.



0,1 Second. 
Is how long your brain takes to register a first impression.

In our rapidly digitising society, your profile picture is the first port of call for most people considering an interaction with you.

So your first impression matters. More and more.

RealFaceValue is introducing 

Perceptive Intelligence

After IQ and EQ it is the missing link in the way we perceive the people around us:


It takes a split second to register someones first impression


It takes minutes to hours before we form an opinion on someone’s intelligence


It takes hours to days before we form an opinion on someone’s character

pi_first impression 2


The ability to understand, use and manage the way you are perceived (your first impression).

Your face speaks for itself. At RealFaceValue we can make sure it speaks the same language as you do.

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