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Where we revolutionise the world of facial aesthetics

by using our patented AI to take “looking your best” to the next level


The RealFaceValue app reveals what potential benefits can be achieved by the most common facial aesthetic treatments, helping both you and your clients to make the best treatment choices.

Whether they are applying for a job, presenting to the board of directors, or looking to stand out in a crowded nightclub, we can help your clients make the desired impact.


The Aesthetic App based on Perceptive Intelligence

Our app connects your outside to your inside, showing the physical effect of facial treatments and reveals the impact they have on how you interact with the world around you.

It’s all about creating the best possible first impression, making your appearance work for you instead of against you.

Are you interested in unlocking the immense potential of perceptive intelligence into your practice?


How our app works

The RealFaceValue app lets you connect to the social motivations of your clients. It supports you on the journey towards the most optimal results by providing photorealistic treatment simulations and reveals the social benefits associated with the treatment.

Social Incentives

Unveiling innovative tools designed to help clients achieve their optimal selves.

Visual Simulations

Animating your treatment offerings through vivid visualizations of potential outcomes tailored for each client.

Social Benefits

Highlighting the tangible social advantages of various treatment options.

Key benefits

Using the RealFaceValue app in your patient journey will:

Introduce science into your aesthetic clinic.

Establish a connection with your clients' social motivations.

Demonstrate the real-life implications of appearing "less tired" or "less sad."

Promote a holistic approach to client treatment.

Tailor treatments precisely to meet the individual needs of each client.

Implement a scientifically-based methodology to avoid unnatural outcomes.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How are first impressions formed?

    First impressions are crafted within mere milliseconds of encountering someone. Our minds rapidly assess individuals, gauging attributes like warmth, competence, and whether they appear approachable or not. This process is largely subconscious, driven by prior experiences and almost instantaneous in its execution.
  • Why are first impressions critical?

    As inherently social beings, humans are wired for connection. Our brains, favoring efficiency, often accept initial impressions as accurate until proven otherwise. Consequently, first impressions carry substantial weight, influencing not just social interactions but also having economic ramifications.
  • How does the RealFaceValue algorithm operate?

    Introduced in 2017 and consistently refined, the RealFaceValue algorithm represents a groundbreaking advance in perceptual intelligence technology. Rooted in comprehensive behavioral science research, it accurately discerns various personality traits, transcending age, gender, and ethnicity biases. This algorithm, trained on over 4 million faces and benchmarked against 25 years of empirical data, sets a new standard in the field, exemplifying the pinnacle of current technological capabilities.
  • Is there universal agreement in Social Perceptions?

    Behavioral science, unlike its mathematical counterpart, doesn't yield unanimous consensus. While absolute agreement in social perceptions is unattainable, the concurrence levels, even across diverse cultures, are notably high. For instance, if a person in Brazil is perceived as generally sad, a significant majority in China would likely concur with this observation.
  • What if achieving the predicted result seems unfeasible?

    Our predictions are grounded in tens of thousands of meticulously curated, historic outcomes. Additionally, the algorithm allows for tailored adjustments, enabling you to align the predicted effects with what you consider to be the safest or most realistic outcome for each case.
  • Concerns About Unrealistic Client Expectations?

    As Master Oogway in Kung Fu Panda wisely states, "Predictions are difficult, especially about the future." It's important to recognize that even the most advanced AI-driven imaging software cannot perfectly foresee treatment results. RealFaceValue strongly advises against treating individuals who fail to grasp or accept this distinction between expectation and reality.